What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do?

As the online marketplace continues to threaten the physical marketplace, all you need is a product, a dream, and a website for the trajectory of your business to change. With the right tools, your brand can expand into the limitless space that is the Web, ultimately becoming a worldwide provider of goods and services. That is – if you have the right digital marketing agency.

The reality is the online world is highly competitive.  There are factors that can enhance or inhibit your ability to engage audiences that are unique to the virtual world.

Online, no one will ever stroll down the street to your storefront, and word-of-mouth works in the digital realm, but only if you know how to exploit the system – this is where the professionals come in.  Their skill and knowledge of the digital marketplace, and how to make you visible in it, can be essential to your businesses success.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Every move made in the virtual world, toward promoting your brand, is digital marketing.  Digital marketing is what drives sales.  Proper marketing online is essential for any business who wants to reach consumers.

Traditional marketing methods no longer have the impact they did in the past.  With time, the disparity between results and old marketing only grows.  Cell phones and tablets have exasperated the issue. Whereas a few years ago people would mostly access the web from a laptop or desktop, now they have a mini computer with them at all times.

Consumers needs in the real world are blurred with the information they get from the virtual world.  If a consumer wants to get take out in their area, they Google it.  If they are looking for a new dentist, the search starts online.  Moving?  Let’s see what the web says about the options.

There is a benefit in this to businesses.  Essentially, your potential consumer is taking you everywhere with them.  This means you are just one clever marketing strategy away from having them as a loyal customer. This is a circular door which brings us back to the factors that make up online marketing.

The quality of your website, social media, and budget control for paid advertising all affect the efficacy of your online presence.  There are a couple of ways you can approach accomplishing a strong marketing campaign, hiring one agency for everything, or many agencies with specialties.

Niche Digital Marketing Agency

Niche agencies are a good idea for the right business. Each agency is only specialized in handling one aspect of your marketing needs.  For example, one agency may handle Facebook, Another Twitter, another search engine optimization, and another web content.  There is virtually no bottom to the rabbit hole.  However, execution can become unreasonable if you need several platforms for marketing.

That said, if you have a weak link in your marketing strategy niche agencies can be a godsend.  They are specialized in garnering results within their respective areas and can troubleshoot marketing problems efficiently.  They are also good options for trying out campaigns and tracking platform-specific results.

These agencies work best when the overall scope of your marketing strategy is more limited.  With larger campaigns, you must consider that maintaining communication with multiple agencies is paramount.  So, when you come up with an incredible new product or service, you will have to remember to reach out to each agency individually and ensure they are marketing it properly.  If changes or sudden ideas come up, you will have to contact them all again to ensure uniformity in your marketing and branding.

Uniformity across platforms is hard to achieve when different teams – who don’t communicate amongst themselves – are each executing their interpretation of your company’s vision. Consumers respond best to consistency and identifiable brand traits.  If you lack that, your marketing will not be as successful as it could be.  The bottom line is that unless you are only interested in one or two avenues of marketing, you may be wise to go with a full-service digital marketing agency.

Digital vs. Creative Agency

Many people do not view creative agencies as niche.  However, that may be because they are unaware of what creative agencies are.  The majority of the time, creative agencies offer print design services exclusively.  Logos, letterhead, business cards, general branding, and the like cap off what they can do.

Creative agencies do an excellent job of providing branding solutions.  However, after you have your logo, letterhead, and business cards what do you do with them?   Great branding is only as useful as the marketing behind it.

Where a full-service digital marketing agency varies is that they are defined by their ability to offer creative, strategic, and technical development for your brand.  The services are expanded to include:

  • E-commerce consulting.
  • Online advertising
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Search engine marketing
  • Content writing

They handle all aspects of your company’s online marketing needs. Key performance indicators are identified, and strategies are implemented uniformly throughout your campaign.

Niche or Full-Service Digital Agency?

The choice of whether to choose a full-service agency or niche agency is dependent upon what you feel your company’s needs are.  You should carefully consider how you envision your online presence to unfold.  What are your priorities?

Niche agencies are strong players in digital marketing because they know their areas inside and out.  If your consumers are mainly on one platform, then you may want an agency that specializes in it. However, if you are looking for mass web penetration, a full-service agency may be more suited to you. They can carry the load of more diverse marketing strategies.  They also simplify marketing execution because there is one point of contact for all your needs.

Whatever your decision, agencytruth.com can provide you with information on the most trusted and talented marketing agencies in the United States.  You identify what type of agency you need, and the footwork is already done for you.   Use our site to find a reputable firm who can help you take your businesses online presence to the next level.


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