Why You Need a Digital Agency

If you have decided it is finally time to maximize online tools to leverage your business you have probably realized it is a serious undertaking.  The shortlist consists of SEO, email, social media, brand development, blogging, and countless other options.  Even if you can find a place to start, becoming familiar with each area and implementing them is a full-time job.

The benefit of digital marketing is that it encompasses various areas of virtual marketing that impact your businesses growth.  A good digital agency will navigate the process of launching an aggressive or even large-scale campaign.  Unless your company has the expertise, time and resources doing all of the work in-house would be overwhelming. That is why success minded businesses choose to work with a digital marketing agency.

Here are five reasons your business needs the right digital agency for your marketing.

1) To Maintain Priorities And Support Growth

Your team should focus on furthering your product or service.  When you have to spend resources and manpower on a marketing campaign that energy is diverted from the very thing you are marketing.


When trying to execute a marketing strategy yourself, you will most likely need to hire new talent to run the campaign.   There will also have to be time expended on organizing the team and developing the campaign.

The old saying time is money rings true.  A Digital marketing agency takes the weight off of your shoulders.   Rather than spending months prepping and training your team you can focus on growing your business, innovating and perfecting your product or service.  The only thing you have to do when hiring a digital agency is sharing your vision, goals and their timeframe.

Agencies can also support growth.  A significant concern when you manage your own campaign is that you have to keep adding to your team when your businesses needs grow.


As your business becomes more successful, and your marketing needs increase, a digital agency has the ability to accommodate that growth. They have a preexisting team that can carry the burden of the extra work.

2) To Save Money

The thing that motivates most companies to try an manage marketing campaigns in-house is the belief that they will save money.  At a casual glance, businesses crunch numbers, compare cost, and the scale seems to tip in favor of a self-run strategy.

The reality is over time a digital marketing agency is significantly less expensive.  Since agencies are independent contractors, the most obvious savings is in payroll taxes.  You also avoid the costs associated with full-time employees like benefits, health care costs, and salaries.

Many of the tools needed to run a successful campaign have significant one-time fees or subscriptions like:

  • Analytics
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Paid search management
  • Automation tools

Many other things to effectively market. A reputable agency will already have access to everything needed for optimizing your marketing strategy.

3) To Have Access To Experts

Large companies pay a premium to have top-notch digital experts on their staff.  In the beginning, it is highly unlikely you will find a group of digital marketing experts to manage your campaign in-house. Compiling a team takes careful thought and consideration.  A novice team will need time to get a working knowledge of online marketing techniques and social media marketing.

A digital agency will already have a team of qualified professionals who are experts in their field. Another bonus is that there is already a working dynamic between team members.  Everyone knows their place, and they will all be familiar with each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

4) For Industry Relevance

No marketing campaign can be successful without research.  Before launch, there needs to be a clear understanding of your market and what works.  You will also have to understand what your competitors are doing and what the latest practices are.


When you outsource, the agency will already be up to date on many aspects of market information. Foundationally they will be more prepared.  The duty of a digital agency is it to research your market and identify your competition.


They also gather information on your target consumer, their behavior, preferences, and interests.  Proper interpretation of that information earmarks a campaign for success.

5) For Fresh Ideas And Measurable Results.

It is rare you will come to the table having tried nothing to market your company in the virtual realm. When you are too close to a project, it’s hard to see its strengths and weaknesses.  Ideas can become stagnant, so there is nothing like a team of fresh eyes.

A digital marketing agency will pinpoint what works and does not.  They will bring new ideas to the table, vet them, and adjust according to the data.  A fresh perspective on the work you have already been doing allows your ideas to grow further and produce more.

The effects of implementing ideas are determined by key performance indicators.  Metrics are identified and tracked on multiple channels to access the effectiveness of your campaign strategies. You will also get an audit that will help you decide what decisions you want to make for future marketing.  The reports are issued monthly or by the quarter.  Other areas that are tracked are:

  • Keyword performance
  • Consumer engagement
  • Content efficacy
  • Branding

Choosing A Good Agency

Choosing the right firm is important.  Not every company is reputable or experienced.  Shy away from agencies that promise quick results.  Digital marketing is a slow process that takes continuous dedication and innovation.


Ask potential firms to share the industries they specialize in as well as the tools and techniques they employ. It is okay to ask to review some of their reports from previous projects so you can evaluate their past performance.


Using a site like agencytruth.com is helpful because the agencies are vetted beforehand.  That does not mean you should not do your due diligence, but it will give you a solid pool of initial choices.


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